Biobank Services

The list below presents a short overview of the products and services BBMRI-NL currently has to offer.
BBMRI-OMICS – the joint collection of omics data that has collaboratively been generated and that is made available for BBMRI researchers focusing on integrative omics studies in Dutch Biobanks.

BBMRI-IMAGING – platform that provides the user with an XNAT database for storing images, an easy-to-use platform to run pipelines on these images to calculate imaging biomarkers, and a viewer to inspect intermediate and final results (pipelines in development).
PALGA / DNTP portal and databank – a request portal (50 pathology labs) to gain access to the more than 60 million archived pathology samples (residual FFPE blocks and glass slides) and their associated pseudonymized data.
Translational Research IT Service desk, access and entry point for translational research IT tools (, formerly CTMM-TraIT)
BioLink – facilitates existing biobanks’ and registries’ willingness to link and share data
MyBiobankApp – is an online portal tool that biobanks can use to keep their participants informed, and to gain information from them. (in Dutch) – publieke website over biobanken op initiatief van BBMRI-NL, Parelsnoer Instituut, LifeLines, Federa en PALGA.


29 March 2017