DNTP / PALGA Portal and Databank

The DNTP / PALGA Portal is a service that opens up the archives of the approximately 50 pathology labs in the Netherlands for researchers. Through the Portal researchers can file a request to gain access to the more than 60 million archived pathology samples (residual FFPE blocks and glass slides) and their associated pseudonymized data.

Requests can be made through https://aanvraag.palga.nl

The PALGA public searchable database gives researchers an impression of the amount of pathology diagnoses and FFPE blocks linked to these diagnoses from 1991 onwards. The PALGA public searchable database is the largest searchable national overview of pathology diagnoses, and thus FFPE samples, worldwide.

To query the PALGA public searchable database visit www.palgaopenbaredatabank.nl

For more information or questions please contact PALGA
tel: (+31) 88 04 02 700 mail: aanvraag@palga.nl