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Why am I shorter than you?

More than 200 scientists co-lead by Erasmus MC researchers assembled a study published in Nature with more than 700,000 participants to study changes in our DNA which lead to differences in height. Encoded Adult height is mostly determined… Read More

Close collaboration between TraIT and BBMRI-NL

The first results of this collaboration now start to surface. In 2009, BBMRI-NL started setting up the Dutch national biobank facility with all solutions needed to collect, store, and hand-out samples and the related data. In parallel, the… Read More

New statistical method that helps improve reproducibility of omics research

BBMRI-NL publication in Genome Biology, January 27th, 2017 The scientific publication output from the BBMRI-NL 2.0 project is growing. On January 27, an article (van Iterson et al, 2017) was published in Genome Biology describing a novel Bayesian… Read More

Vacancy Engagement Officer, BBMRI-ERIC

The Central Executive Management Office of BBMRI‐ERIC in Graz, Austria is looking for an Engagement Officer. Read more 2017-01-09

Platform on Responsible Research Infrastructure

Health research depends on data and tissue collected in health care. Should we stick with an opt-out system for such residual use, or should patients always opt in? Different viewpoints met on November 25, 2016, at the first… Read More

Connecting the dots with combined data

Biologist Bas Heijmans (LUMC) is the leader of the Biobank-based Integrative Omics Study (BIOS) Consortium, one of BBMRI-NL’s Rainbow projects. Together with other Principal Investigators – Joyce van Meurs (Erasmus MC), Rick Janssen (VUmc) Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen (LUMC)… Read More

XNAT: A big step forward for population imaging

Professor Aad van der Lugt is radiologist with a focus on Neuroradiology and Head-Neck radiology at the Erasmus MC. He spends a lot of his time doing research with imaging data. Van der Lugt uses and promotes XNAT,… Read More

Facts & Figures

BBMRI-NL 2.0 is the innovative integration of three complementary national infrastructure initiatives: BBMRI-NL 1.0 (biobanking), EPI2 (European Population Imaging Institute), and TraIT (IT for translational research) for precision medicine. BBMRI-NL2.0 has received € 9,8 million to build a… Read More

Creating awareness to make health data available

  Health researchers often find it difficult to get access to patient’s and citizens’ health care data. And when they do, the patients or citizens are not always aware that their data is used. Would a public campaign… Read More

Press release – Collaborating on big data to unravel disease processes

Leiden, 5 December 2016 – Patients with the same illness often receive the same treatment, even if the cause of the illness is different for each person. Six Dutch universities are combining forces to chart the different disease… Read More