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X-chromosome publication in Nature Communications

René Luijk, Bas Heijmans from Leiden UMC and BBMRI-NL, and co-workers report in Nature Communications on new genes controlling X chromosome inactivation in women and identify causes of variable DNA methylation at regions known to cause mental disorders…. Read More

Development of an extensive OMICs Atlas

Since the start of BBMRI, extensive datasets have been generated at genome, epigenome, transcriptome and metabolome level for 10 thousand of individuals from tens of Dutch biobanks. By screening this wealth of omics data in large-scale analyses, BBMRI… Read More

BBMRI-NL Workshop report: Sustainable infrastructure for sample/data collections

Sample and data infrastructures in the medical sciences, such as biobanks and medical registries, need to run over prolonged periods of time in order to gather data and deliver research results. Only then can they hope to deliver… Read More

White paper on self-measured data published

Recently, BBMRI-NL researchers published a White Paper on self-measured data and how researchers can ensure that self-measured data is usable. Private individuals are collecting more and more data about their lifestyle and health using sensors, apps and other… Read More

Launch national Servicedesk personalized medicine

Today, the ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) Servicedesk is officially launched. This online Servicedesk offers guidance and answers to the ethical, legal and societal questions around Personalized Medicine research faced by life sciences professionals, policymakers and patients…. Read More

Million European Genomes Alliance: the Netherlands should join

In April 2018, thirteen European countries signed a declaration of cooperation ‘towards access to at least one million sequenced genomes in the European Union by 2022’. On behalf of a wide range of stakeholders assembled in Health-RI, Gert-Jan van… Read More

How can researchers deal with incidental findings? Guidance document gives practical tools

Incidental findings are a major ethical concern in biomedical research. Consistent policies and practices for the detection, management and communication of incidental findings across biobanks are lacking in the Netherlands. Current international ethical guidance suggests that researchers should… Read More

Roadshow PALGA Portal in full swing!

The PALGA Portal, the one-stop-shop to request pathology data and material from diagnostic pathology laboratories, is up and running for two years now. A good reason to visit all 43 pathology laboratories to recall the purpose of the… Read More

Save the date: 4th Health-RI conference!

We are pleased to announce that the 4th Health-RI conference will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on Thursday, January 17, 2019. The program will focus on the future of Health and Medicine and the required support role of science… Read More

Vacancy: Project member ELSI Servicedesk (32 hours)

This vacancy is in Dutch Projectmedewerker ELSI Servicedesk (32 uur) Bloed, tumorweefsel en beelddata die worden verzameld in het kader van diagnostiek of behandeling van een patiënt, worden veel gebruikt voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Met de opkomst van personalized… Read More