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BBMRI-LPC 3rd Scientific Call for Access

BBMRI-LPC (Biobanking and Biomolecular Research Infrastructure – Large Prospective Cohorts) have launched their third Transnational Scientific Call for Access, with a deadline for proposals of 31 January 2016. Selected proposals will receive support from BBMRI-LPC and gain access… Read More

Harmke Pijpers

Personalized medicine @BNR Gezond

On Saturday 31 October, BNR Gezond featured an item on personalized medicine. In an interview with Harmke Pijpers, Professor Gertjan van Ommen (BBMRI-NL) pointed out that the time is ripe to build an integrative research infrastructure, that incorporates… Read More

Call: voucher for biobank science

Biobanks are valuable resources for health research. We, as the research infrastructure for biobanks in the Netherlands, have known this for years and years; but to many, including the clinical side of the biomedical spectrum, biobanks are a… Read More

Wiro Niessen appointed Simon Stevin Meester 2015

Professor Wiro Niessen has been appointed Simon Stevin Meester 2015. He receives this important distinction from Technology foundation STW for his research into computer systems that can predict which diseases a person is likely to have. The system… Read More

Cisca Wijmenga

Scientific director BBMRI-NL2.0 Cisca Wijmenga; Winner Spinoza Prize 2015

Cisca Wijmenga, Professor of Human Genetics, is one of the winners of the Spinoza Prize 2015. She receives the most important Dutch research prize especially for her work to unravel the genetic basis of gluten intolerance (celiac disease)…. Read More