About the ELSI blog

Life-scientific research is developing at breakneck speed. Yet many of these developments imply ethical, legal and social concerns as well. Aimed at researchers, professionals, policymakers and others, this site and blog aims at providing a forum for news, backgrounds, reflection and discussion on all things ELSI affecting biomedical research infrastructures.

Opinions on this blog don’t necessarily reflect the views of BBMRI-NL.

Martin Boeckhout serves as BBMRI’s blog editor and primary contributor. Having been trained in philosophy and sociology of science at the University of Amsterdam, Martin currently works as policy advisor on ethical, legal and social issues and engagement for BBMRI-NL. Before joining BBMRI, he worked for a number of years on a PhD in biobank governance, funded through the Netherlands Genomics Initiative and the Centre for Society and the Life Sciences. His professional interests are in ethical and social issues in data-driven life sciences, particularly relating to public and patient engagement and social accountability. He also takes an interest in issues relating to research policy and science as a social institution more generally.

https://nl.linkedin.com/in/martinboeckhout & https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Martin_Boeckhout