BBMRI-NL OMICS nominated for the Dutch Data Prize

The dataset ‘BBMRI-OMICS: molecular big data for discovering disease mechanisms and biomarkers’ has been nominated by the jury of the Dutch Data Prize.

BBMRI-Omics is a data infrastructure for molecular omics data from thousands of participants in 29 Dutch biobanks and is publicly accessible. It enables researchers worldwide to discover new mechanisms and biomarkers of disease and health.

This year, for the fifth time, the Dutch Data Prize will be awarded for a scientist or research group that has made an extraordinary contribution to science by making research data available for additional or new research.

Before the summer everyone could nominate a dataset for the Data Prize, an initiative of Research Data Netherlands (a Dutch coalition with three data archives joining forces in the area of long-term data archiving). From the almost 50 submissions, nine nominees have gone through to the award ceremony.

On November 28, the jury will announce the winners of the Dutch Data Prize 2018.

An interesting day will be organized around the award ceremony under the name “Celebrating Data! What’s next?”. This day is offered by Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), National Coordinating Research Data Management (LCRDM), the Research Data Working Group, a partnership of the University Library Libraries and the Royal Library, the Netherlands Federation of UMCs Data4LifeSciences and the National Platform Open Science for researchers and data stewards.

You can register online for this day and find more information about the Award ceremony,  program & jury on this web page.

20 September 2018, updated 22 October 2018