PALGA Portal extended!

At the end of 2017, NWO approved the extension of BBMRI-NL 2.0 until the end of 2019. With that, the support for the PALGA Portal, the Dutch National Tissue Portal, is also extended, including the efforts of the HUB-employees that collect and distribute the paraffin blocks.

What is the PALGA Portal?

The PALGA Portal is a one-stop online portal, combined with a logistic infrastructure, for the request and delivery of pathology data and samples (mostly paraffin blocks and tissue slides). The Portal was developed to stimulate and facilitate the secondary use of pathology data and material for scientific research. An illustrative example of the value of the Portal is the study on the risk of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in women with breast implants by prof. Daphne de Jong. For this project the Portal was used to identify all non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients in the Netherlands, and to request clinical data (including breast implant status), pathology data and pathology material from more than 20 different pathology labs.

The PALGA Portal is initiated and maintained in collaboration with PALGA. It started as the Dutch National Tissue Portal (DNTP) project in 2013 and is fully functional since 2015. The Portal combines a web-based request counter with local hands-on support by the HUB-employees for the more than 45 pathology labs present in the Netherlands. Researchers can use the web-based portal to make a request for data or material (to different labs). This request is automatically forwarded to the designated pathology labs. HUB-employees stationed in every UMC in the Netherlands, and serving the labs in close vicinity, aid in picking and sending the requested materials. So far, the PALGA Portal has facilitated over 500 requests.

Pathology lab visits: feedback and future

In the coming months every pathology lab in the Netherlands will be visited to evaluate the PALGA Portal. Also, we will present a glimpse of the future, in which the Portal will be consolidated and extended under Health-RI, the Dutch Infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health Research. This will be the next step to further ease and stimulate the use of pathology and other data and material for scientific research.

8 March 2018