14 October 2019
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Health-RI Conference 2020

At this year’s Health-RI conference on January 30th 2020 at the Jaarbeurs Supernova in Utrecht, leading experts will highlight how data is helping us to remain healthy, and how it can drive us towards a healthy future.

Towards Data Driven Health

How do we keep people healthy? How do we give the right treatment at the right time, tailormade? How can we learn from today’s patients so that tomorrow’s patients get better treatment?

It’s a matter of continuous learning and improvement – evidence based with the help of enormous amounts of data in different formats and from various sources. We’re already learning how to combine that data in clever ways, tailoring it to specific situations and applying it to our everyday health choices.

During the event, there will be ample time to discuss the enablers and challenges on the road to data-driven health.

Call for abstracts: 10 years of BBMRI-NL, share your expertise, experience and ideas

In 2020, it will be 10 years ago that BBMRI-NL started to build the joint national infrastructure necessary to make maximal use of biosamples, images and data for health research. This anniversary is a great occasion to show and share the BBMRI-NL achievements within the Health-RI community.

The poster & demonstration session at the Health-RI 2020 conference will give special attention to BBMRI-NL results and will also offer the opportunity for short plenary pitches. 
For more information, please check the abstract submission guidelines.

More about the conference and to register click here.