ELSI Services

BBMRI-NL’s ELSI Centre of Expertise contributes to the development of ethically and socially responsible forms of biobanking by identifying, articulating and addressing ethical and social concerns relevant to biomedical research infrastructures, by providing support to biobanking research and infrastructures in, as well as by contributing to the development of shared policies and approaches.

Involving citizens and patients in biomedical research and research infrastructures is at the heart of the Centre’s mission. The Centre coordinates BBMRI-NL’s Maatschappelijke Adviesraad Biobankonderzoek / Patient and Public Stakeholder Forum. Our report The Donor as Partner aims at providing guidance and an overview to researchers and practicioners.

The Centre is available for consultation on all things relating to ethical, legal and social issues, including research and donor participation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your concerns and needs.