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Ethical, legal and social implications of preventative medicine

Preventative medicine is not without costs, and not just financial ones. Genetic testing, in particular, raises difficult questions. The upcoming Health-RI Conference (Jan 17, 2019) on P4 Medicine explores some of the issues. At first sight, preventative medicine… Read More

To shared data stewardship with guidelines support

Data4lifesciences would like to announce that the thoroughly revised version of the Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship (HANDS 2.0) was launched on November 28 at the Dutch Data Prize 2018 event. Data stewardship refers to the sustainable… Read More

BBMRI-Omics wins Dutch Data Prize 2018

Press release in English and, below, in Dutch  BBMRI-Omics wins the Dutch Data Prize 2018 Press release November 28, 2018 LUMC researcher Bas Heijmans received the Dutch Data Prize 2018 on behalf of the BBMRI-Omics partners on Wednesday… Read More

Research integrity, transparency and data

At the upcoming Health-RI Conference (Jan 17, 2019) leading cancer researchers and data scientists show how data, knowledge and clinical decision support tools combine to bring personalized medicine to reality. Because each patient’s tumor is as genetically unique… Read More

Data management critical step in genomics research

Collection and interpretation of genetic profiles occur routinely on patients with cancer or a rare disease nowadays. For many patients, their entire DNA has been unraveled or ‘sequenced’. These data are valuable for the development of personalized medicine:… Read More

The Netherlands joins the Million European Genomes Alliance

Dutch Minister of Medical Care and Sports, Mr. Bruno Bruins, has co-signed the European Declaration about the Million European Genomes initiative on behalf of the Netherlands. Minister Bruins has informed the House of Representatives of the Netherlands about… Read More

Poster Prize at Europe Biobank Week 2018

Collecting ideas with an interactive poster presentation and being awarded a poster prize? Rogier van der Stijl from BBMRI-NL did it! At the Europe Biobank Week in Antwerp (4-7 September 2018), he presented his poster ‘Sustainable biobanking in… Read More

Enabling FAIR data management

MOLGENIS Research can help even non-bioinformaticians (!) enabling FAIR data management and is freely available. Many clinical professionals and biomedical researchers without a bioinformatics background are generating big ’-omics’ data, but do not always have the tools to… Read More

BBMRI-NL OMICS nominated for the Dutch Data Prize

The dataset ‘BBMRI-OMICS: molecular big data for discovering disease mechanisms and biomarkers’ has been nominated by the jury of the Dutch Data Prize. BBMRI-Omics is a data infrastructure for molecular omics data from thousands of participants in 29… Read More

Cisca Wijmenga appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

At the Lodewijk Sandkuijl Symposium, Prof. dr. Cisca Wijmenga, Scientific Director of BBMRI-NL 2.0, was appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. This Dutch order of chivalry is awarded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands for… Read More