19 July 2018
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BBMRI-NL workshop report: sustainable infrastructure for sample/data collections

Sample and data infrastructures in the medical sciences, such as biobanks and medical registries, need to run over prolonged periods of time in order to gather data and deliver research results.

Only then can they hope to deliver on their promise of personalized medicine. However, it is precisely this sustainable existence that is a constant challenge. And as such, sustainability is a pressing issue for individual infrastructures and for national and international policymakers and funders.

To support the Dutch sample/data infrastructure field in their sustainability challenge BBMRI-NL organised a meeting consisting of three workshops. During the first workshop we shared experiences, individual challenges, and best practices. During the second workshop we explored the relationship between stakeholders and value, and built an infrastructure value-model. And during the third and final workshop we looked for potential (overarching) solutions for the main causes of the sustainability challenge. The results of all three workshops are presented in this report.