09 May 2018
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BBMRI voucher results in practical research tool for high school students and teachers

With the online program ‘Smart steps in your Own Research’, high school seniors will be better prepared for their profile assignments and final exams.

Developed by Eline Slagboom and Joyce Vriezen (both LUMC) and Gonneke Willemsen (VU), and with financial support from the 2016 BBMRI-NL voucher project, the tool assists teachers in challenging their students with the aid of a clear manual and accompanying instruction films. The students will develop specific skills which in turn offer a golden opportunity for scientific institutions, since the cradle of science lies in secondary education.

The practical part of the program is very important, because high school students are mostly not yet acquainted with Excel, nor do they know how to collect data and show results nicely. For students who are interested in ‘Big data’, several BBMRI-NL research groups have made anonymous files available with which students can practice.

The entire interactive program is already online. Teachers can immediately start working on it.