21 September 2018
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Enabling FAIR Data management

MOLGENIS Research can help even non-bioinformaticians (!) enabling FAIR data management and is freely available.

Many clinical professionals and biomedical researchers without a bioinformatics background are generating big ’-omics’ data, but do not always have the tools to manage, process or publicly share these data.

MOLGENIS Research is an open-source web-application to collect, manage, analyze, visualize and share large and complex biomedical data sets, without the need for advanced bioinformatics skills.

Read about the joint BBMRI-NL effort on FAIR data management tooling in the new publication on MOLGENIS.
Its title: “MOLGENIS Research: Advanced bioinformatics data software for non-bioinformaticians”.

You can find the publication here.

You can find MOLGENIS Research via the BBMRI-NL Catalogue.

(FAIR = Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data)

21 September 2018