08 August 2016
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One National research infrastructure for prevention, personalized treatment, and health

BBMRI-NL, EATRIS-NL, and DTL/ELIXIR-NL have developed a common vision and roadmap on how The Netherlands can set course for a collective Personalized Medicine & Health Research infrastructure. The goal is to bundle and connect a wide range of resources, including biobanks, IT-technologies, facilities and data collections, into one large-scale research infrastructure named Health-RI.

Health-RI will stimulate and facilitate collaboration through sharing of data and biomaterials among researchers, medical practitioners, and the general population (patients and healthy citizens) at a national level. This will facilitate the development of a continuously growing knowledge base available for research and data mining, with the ultimate goal of improving prevention, diagnosis and prognosis of diseases. Moreover, it will bring innovations to patients faster. A crucial factor to the success of Health-RI is the common commitment to invest in research and sharing resources. In addition, a national (e-) health system needs to be developed. This will give citizens full control over their personal data, while ensuring privacy protection. The Health-RI roadmap provides an important step in the right direction.

Health-RI is a response to the ‘call for dreams’ on large infrastructures of the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW). It is based on the input of many colleagues in the field, the P4 (personalized, preventive, participatory en predictive) medicine and health research field in 2025, and has strong roots in programs of today.

For BBMR-NL 2.0 the Health-RI initiative is an important spot on the horizon driving the integration of complementary efforts dealing with data, tissue, samples, population imaging and IT in order to create the complete solution for translational research.

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