01 May 2018
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Researchers should not fear the upcoming general data protection regulation

In an interview with Onderzoek Nederland, Lex Bouter (Professor of Methodology and Integrity, VU and VUmc, and chair of COREON, the commission on Research Regulation), explains why researchers fear the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, and that these fears are to a large extent not needed.

Bouter emphasizes that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will not have far-reaching consequences for the Dutch research field. This is because of adequate exceptions for research in this law, which comes into effect on May 25 2018. There are however still some uncertainties, for example how biobanks should deal with generic informed consent. To make sure researchers are prepared for the new regulation several sources with reliable information are available:

  1. COREON will update her code of conduct.
  2. The ELSI Servicedesk (Ethical, Legal, Social Implications) is developed to answer your more specific questions on data protection.
  3. BBMRI developed the AVG Register, DPIA & Compliance application, which helps researchers to meet all legal requirements in the GDPR.

Read the entire interview in Onderzoek Nederland (in Dutch) here.