18 July 2018
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White paper on self-measured data published

Recently, BBMRI-NL researchers published a White Paper on self-measured data and how researchers can ensure that self-measured data is usable.

Private individuals are collecting more and more data about their lifestyle and health using sensors, apps and other measuring devices: from blood sugar monitoring in diabetes to step counting. Medical and scientific researchers make use of self-measured data, which is collected at the research site or in the normal healthcare setting. Now that it is getting easier to collect and process data digitally, it is worthwhile to investigate the extent to which the collection of research data can be assigned to the participants themselves and how efficient and cost-effective that is.

This White Paper discusses the opportunities and challenges surrounding collecting data for biobank and other research using such self-measurement methods. It includes everyday practical experience and possible future developments. The White Paper aims to provide a guide for individual researchers, as well as medical and scientific organizations when deciding whether and how they want to incorporate and use self-measured data in biobank and other research.

Click here to download the White Paper ‘Private individuals as collectors of their own data for biobank research’.

Click here for the Dutch version.