13 April 2015
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Wiro Niessen appointed Simon Stevin meester 2015

Professor Wiro Niessen has been appointed Simon Stevin Meester 2015. He receives this important distinction from Technology foundation STW for his research into computer systems that can predict which diseases a person is likely to have.

The system learns how to make these predictions based on tens of thousands of MRI-scans and CT-scans, plus the attached clinical histories. The big advantage of this technique is that doctors can take measures to slow down or prevent these idiseases, before the person actually falls ill.

Professor Niessen is connected to BBMRI-NL as one of the initiators of the Work Package Imaging (see the article in Hub13).

Read more on the Simon Stevin Meester 2015 appointment on http://stw.nl/nl/content/simon-stevin-meester-2015.