29 May 2020

Guide for researchers on how to deal with incidental findings now available in English

BBMRI.nl developed a guide for researchers and research groups. It presents a practical and ethical frame for detecting, dealing with and informing about...
15 April 2020

Facilitating COVID-19 research

In response to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) local research actions are taking place across the world. Health-RI launched the Dutch Covid-19...
14 April 2020

Collector items that help treating rare lung disease

The ILD Biobank stores tissue of patients with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) for scientific research to find treatment. Fifteen years of collecting body...
16 March 2020

Biobanken.nl on Rare Disease Day 2020

In their search for better treatment and diagnosis, medical researchers use patient material and data stored in biobanks. The website biobanken.nl was set up...
07 February 2020

Biobanken.nl now updated and live!

The website Biobanken.nl provides biobanks with the opportunity to communicate information about biobanking and biobank research to the general public. On the...
31 January 2020

10 years BBMRI at Health-RI conference

10 years ago BBMRI.nl started building the joint national infrastructure necessary to make maximal use of biosamples, images and data for health research. This...
30 January 2020

Health-RI Conference 2020 report

Take a brief look back at the Health-RI Conference 2020 “Towards data driven health”. Where leading experts highlighted how data is helping us to remain...
15 January 2020

ELSI servicedesk workshops: Responsible use of body material and data

Workshops on responsible use of residual tissue and data (in Dutch)
10 January 2020

The strength of collaboration between biobanks

Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam discovered that the level of specific blood metabolites is heritable and that part of the heritability is...