31 May 2021

Celebrating 50 years of PALGA

Locating, requesting and obtaining pathology samples data on behalf of the research community requires an extensive infrastructure. The solution in the...
07 May 2021

Prof. Eline Slagboom elected new member of KNAW

BBMRI.nl congratulates Eline Slagboom on her election as a member of the KNAW. Academy members, leading researchers from across all the disciplines, are...
05 May 2021

Save the date for Europe Biobank Week 2021

Europe Biobank Week will be held digitally on November 8-10, 2021.
05 May 2021

Researchers seek contact with Dutch biobanks to explore and compare policies

A group of social science researchers working for UKBiobank, the University of Southampton (UK) and the University of Groningen/UMCG is asking biobanks to help...
Press release
10 April 2021

Highlights of 10 years BBMRI

In the past 10 years, BBMRI.nl has made great progress in fulfilling its mission to maximize the use of biosamples, images and data for health research. We are...
09 April 2021

X-omics @ Radboud Summer School

This year X-omics will organize an online course again in the Radboud Summer School: Integrative X-omics Analyses Empowering Personalised Healthcare. This...
24 March 2021

BBMRI.nl on Health-RI 2021 Conference

Make sure to check out these direct links to topics of special interest to the BBMRI community
04 March 2021

Re-play Health-RI conference 2021

It was the first online edition of the annual Health-RI conference. For the people that could not attend this event on March 4th, we recorded the presentations...
17 January 2021

Online multi-omics data integration workshop series

In January, 2021, an online X-omics workshop series will start. Different aspects of challenges and solutions related to multi-omics data integration are being...
13 January 2021

Virtual Conference Longitudinal studies

Conference Longitudinal studies (Virtual Conference) 09 – 12 March 2020 Wellcome Genome Campus, UK
08 January 2021

X-omics festival

The third edition of our X-omics festival “The future of X-omics research is now!” will take place on Monday April 12 2021.