31 May 2021
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Celebrating 50 years of PALGA

Locating, requesting and obtaining pathology samples data on behalf of the research community requires an extensive infrastructure. The solution in the Netherlands began with the establishment of the Dutch network and registry of histo- and cytopathology (PALGA) in 1971.

The Dutch Society for Pathology (NvvP) dedicated a special issue of their Magazine to PALGA to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

BBMRI.nl submitted an article on this ‘Highway between pathology and biomedical research’ and also describes how BBMRI.nl and the NvvP enabled the development of the Dutch National Tissue Archive Portal which further increased the availability of pathology tissue for health research.

Link to special issue of NVVP Magazine (in Dutch; page 8) 

Also check: About PALGA a portal to more efficient health research, on how it all came about and works in practice.