08 February 2017
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Close collaboration between TRAIT and BBMRI-NL

The first results of this collaboration now start to surface.

In 2009, BBMRI-NL started setting up the Dutch national biobank facility with all solutions needed to collect, store, and hand-out samples and the related data.

In parallel, the TraIT project was kicked off in 2011 aiming to provide the complete translational suite of IT tools needed within translational research projects.

A few years down the line when both initiatives grew to maturity, the question arose how to consolidate these success stories into sustainable infrastructures. Joining forces seemed an obvious step. This was realized through the BBMRI-NL 2.0 project, where also EPI2, the European Population Imaging Infrastructure initiative, joined.

The first results of this collaboration now start to surface:

TraIT adopted the BBMRI-NL catalogue, based on MOLGENIS technology, as its biosample searching solution. The next step will be the integration of sample request technologies: TraIT created a few solutions in that domain, whilst BBMRI-NL has created the Dutch National Tissue Portal, a web interface on the PALGA database facilitating requesting of pathology samples from the archives of the Dutch hospitals. This incredibly rich resource of pathology blocks (tens of millions of samples!) is thus opened up for broader research purposes.

BBMRI-NL 2.0 imaging domain is also making use of TraIT’s XNAT biomedical imaging archive to collect, share and analyze the images and imaging data used in this workpackage.

A key functionality for further roll-out of the rich resources offered by the joined capabilities of TraIT and BBMRI-NL is a professional service organization. The Service Desk initiated by TraIT offers a great starting point for this one-stop-shop for all users’ questions and issues. BBMRI-NL applications are now one-by-one being brought under the services portfolio of the service desk. The ultimate goal is a national service desk for all biomedical applications, and perhaps even beyond that domain. For that reason, TraIT and BBMRI-NL sought collaboration with SURFsara, an organization that is able to broaden the service into adjacent domains.

While we are still shaping the collaboration between BBMRI-NL and TraIT we already ventured into the next step:
Health-RI, the national research infrastructure for personalized medicine and health research. See also www.health-ri.nl.