19 July 2019
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DARE-4-LIFE – building on the success of BBMRI.nl

A Digital Accelerator in REsearch – For a LIFEjourney of health

A Digital Accelerator in REsearch – For a LIFEjourney of health or in short, DARE-4-LIFE. That’s the name, or should we say motto, of the proposal the BBMRI-Cluster submitted to NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). The ultimate goal is to be able to support health proactively, throughout the course of life. 

 The DARE-4-LIFE - Large-Scale Research Infrastructure will enable researchers to study the relation between environmental factors, life style, and genetic liability on the one hand, and health status and disease risk on the other.  

It will achieve this by (i) collecting novel data and making the existing and ever-expanding health data collections better findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR), (ii) overcoming the challenge of disparate, local data sources, by connecting these through distributed analysis, (iii) facilitating deployment of artificial intelligence techniques to the data, and (iv) by meeting ethical, legal and societal standards and set new ones. 

The novel data connection and analysis pipeline will be used by three demonstrator projects. These will result in personal health probes that determine an individual’s health state and can be used by health professionals and citizens to approach health more proactively at different stages of life.  

The DARE-4-LIFE grant application was submitted on behalf of the BBMRI-Cluster as determined by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and, if granted, will be funding the third term of BBMRI-NL.