15 April 2020
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Facilitating COVID-19 research

In response to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) local research actions are taking place across the world. Health-RI launched the Dutch Covid-19 Data Support Programme. To support investigators and health care professionals with tools and services in their search for ways to overcome the pandemic and its health consequences.

BBMRI.nl is a main contributor to the Dutch COVID-19 Data Support Programme launched by Health-RI. Much effort has been put into indexing COVID-19 collections in the BBMRI Catalogue. Collections with COVID-19 relevant information in BBMRI.nl Catalogue are now marked with a ‘COVID-19’ filter. This will make it easy for researchers to identify COVID-19 relevant collections, ongoing research, and collaboration possibilities.

Check the BBMRI.nl Catalogue

To stay informed on the Dutch COVID-19 data support programme, please add your name to the Health-RI mailing list.