26 October 2020
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Investigating the role of cardiovascular disease in COVID-19

CAPACITY is a patient registry in which clinical data from patients hospitalized with COVID-19 is collected. It was established to determine the role of cardiovascular disease in the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientist can use these data to better understand the disease progression and the potential co-existence of cardiovascular complications in COVID-19 patients. Scientists are encouraged to file their proposals and requests for use of the data.

CAPACITY is collecting data about the cardiovascular history, diagnosis and any cardiovascular complications in COVID-19 patients. The data generated from routine clinical practice is collected in a standardized manner in a so-called REDCap database. This data collection is thereafter used to determine the incidence of cardiovascular complications and clinical course of COVID-19 in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease. According to Marijke Linschoten, investigator on the CAPACITY registry, thus far a total of 9770 patients have been included within the database. Up to this point, 75 centers from 13 participating countries have joined the registry.

Wanda Hermans-Van Ast (Durrer Center) is another investigator on the CAPACITY registry who is handling the requests for use of the data received via Podium. Podium is the Request Portal developed within BBMRI.nl that serves as an online one-stop-shop to request data, images and samples, from multiple national health registries, health databases, image archives and biobanks. Hermans-Van Ast: “External researchers can ask to use the data collected within the CAPACITY study to use for their own research. The Data Access Committee of CAPACITY needed a tool to manage these requests. Therefore, Podium was introduced to us by Erik van Iperen from NHI. The Data Access Committee is very enthusiastic about Podium and found the tool to be very useful”. According to the FAIR principles, CAPACITY makes the collected data available for use.

Marijke shares: “So far, we have handled 24 requests via Podium. Every request for data access is discussed in the Data Access Committee of CAPACITY. Members of the Data Access Committee are representatives from the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance and their partner organizations. Once approved, data is released within a Digital Research Environment where the researchers that requested the data can perform their analyses.”

Marijke calls out to institutes to submit their data and to researchers to apply for data access. “New hospitals are always welcome to join. New data entries will be included in revisions of the first main papers.”

Many researchers are currently working on analyses that in due course will lead to scientific publications. Marijke shares: “The first article has been accepted and will be published in European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care this month. It describes the incidence of cardiovascular complications in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.”

Would you like to participate in CAPACITY-COVID? All kinds of resources are freely available to make it easy for centers to participate. Please check the CAPACITY website for the steps you have to take to join the consortium. All patients with a highly suspected or proven infection with SARS-CoV-2 are eligible for inclusion in CAPACITY-COVID.

More information about the design of CAPACITY: Linschoten M, Asselbergs F.W. Eur Heart J. 2020 Apr 8. CAPACITY-COVID: a European registry to determine the role of cardiovascular disease in the COVID-19 pandemic and https://capacity-covid.eu.

More information about Podium. Interested is registering your organization in Podium? Contact us (sofie.hansen@lygature.org) for more information.