15 September 2021
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Making health data available for research. The next step #1

On September 9, 2021, Health-RI and BBMRI.nl held the first of three new expert meetings to discuss the next step in making health data available for research. This time focusing on collecting FAIR data.

The meeting focused on FAIR principles, the added value of collecting FAIR data, and the various methods and standards to achieve this. The participants came from all kinds of backgrounds. This brought about great discussions and concrete suggestions for tools and standards to FAIRify data at the source.

Rob Hooft (DTL): "Starting the FAIR journey is doable! It will save considerable time and effort when the data is actually used and shared.” There seemed to be no excuse to not working along FAIR principles. It’s like saying you can’t attend the safety course for the chemistry lab because you’re too busy putting out fires....

Margreet Bloemers from ZonMw emphasized the great added value of data sharing from a research funders perspective and the facilitating role of ZonMw in FAIR data management. COVID-19 accelerated this trend.

To replay the Expert Meeting 'Collecting FAIR data': Recording & Slides

This new series of three expert meetings is a follow up from 2020 that focused on different practical approaches to make health data available for research. Check the recordings of all sessions in the Health-RI data sharing playlist

The next expert meeting will be on September 23rd and will focus on Data Findability and Linkage. Sabine Siesling (IKNL) and Edwin Cuppen (Hartwig Medical Foundation) will present their experiences and the latest methods and standards to enable findability and linkage of your data.

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