30 September 2020
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New ELSI-flowcharts for researchers that use patient data or tissue

The ELSI Servicedesk and the Health-RI Registry in a Box initiative published two interactive flowcharts for researchers in the Netherlands that use patient data or patient tissue. One that helps to choose the right consent procedure and another that helps to find the necessary agreements.

Biomedical scientists often need to share data or patient tissue for research purposes. It usually involves many different forms and agreements. The ELSI Servicedesk published a flowdiagram (developed by the ‘Registry in a box’ initiative and the ELSI Servicedesk) that will guide researchers in the Netherlands through the process of determining what agreements are needed. It is available as a PDF-flowchart and an interactive flowchart.

Consent procedures

When do patients need to give consent for the use of their data or tissue samples for scientific research? And what procedure should be used? These questions are also answered by the ELSI Servicedesk. The website hosts a guidance, in Dutch, that will help researchers to decide what consent procedure is needed for their study, and whether additional consent is necessary. The guidance distinguishes procedures for data and material as well as de novo or further use for research. Check the full description and the link to the interactive guidance (in Dutch).