05 May 2021
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Researchers seek contact with Dutch biobanks to explore and compare policies

A group of social science researchers working for UKBiobank, the University of Southampton (UK) and the University of Groningen/UMCG is asking biobanks to help answer their research questions

As part of their research, the resarchers are exploring and comparing different population/cohort biobank policies as they relate to:

  1. how biobanks describe their relationships with commercial industries in their policies, as well as in the information they supply to participants and the public (eg data access policies, websites, participant information forms)
  2. what policies, if any, does your biobank have with relation to its sustainability (including environmental sustainability eg the environmental impact of biobanks)?

The research questions aim to complement rather than repeat similar studies that have explored biobank policies in Europe and internationally, for example, those of BBMRI.

The researchers would very much appreciate it if different population/cohort biobanks could supply them with these documents. Or alternatively,  direct them to where they can find the documents, or talk to us (English/Dutch) if prefered.

If you have any questions about the project, or happy to send the documents, please contact Dr Gabby Samuel on G.N.Samuel@soton.ac.uk