Living happily with a hip replacement or not?

Why can some people happily live their lives with an artificial hip for a very long time and others cannot? To help finding the answer to these kind of questions, BBMRI-NL can help.

For instance, for questions about artificial hip replacements, by linking the database of orthopedics with other databases. Combining several sorts of information will bring new insights.

Combining data from different sources requires a single, interconnected data infrastructure that is secure, reliable and efficient. And that is where Health-RI comes in.

Health-RI forms the single point of entry for researchers searching data and samples, support, tooling and expertise. As a Dutch initiative, Health-RI works together with other countries on specific topics such as the Personal Health Train. Also, Health-RI is strongly connected to BBMRI-NL, ELIXIR-NL and EATRIS-NL, the Dutch nodes of European research infrastructure (EFSRI) programs.

Watch the video with Prof. Folkert van Kemenade of the Erasmus MC (with English and with Dutch subtitles, choose your preference by clicking icon in the video screen, below right).