18 January 2021

Health-RI Conference 2021: Call for Abstracts and Demos

Online poster and demonstration session at the Health-RI 2021 conference
17 January 2021

Online multi-omics data integration workshop series

In January, 2021, an online X-omics workshop series will start. Different aspects of challenges and solutions related to multi-omics data integration are being...
13 January 2021

Virtual Conference Longitudinal studies

Conference Longitudinal studies (Virtual Conference) 09 – 12 March 2020 Wellcome Genome Campus, UK
08 January 2021

X-omics festival

The third edition of our X-omics festival “The future of X-omics research is now!” will take place on Monday April 12 2021.
13 October 2020

Online workshop on consent procedures for use of human tissue and data

Consent procedures for use of human tissue and data: opt-in or opt-out? A free online workshop will take place on the 16 th of November from 09:00 to 12:00hrs...
02 September 2020

X-omics festival – 28th Sept 2020

The second edition of the X-omics festival “The future is now!” will be held online on the 28 th of September 2020, between 09.30 – 14.00 CEST.
18 August 2020

Virtual Edition of the Annual Europe Biobank Week conference: “Biobanking for Global Challenges!”

This year the largest European biobanking conference will be entirely digital.
29 July 2020

Focus meeting Dutch cBioPortal community

10 June 2020

Nightingale Metabolomics Webinar

Webinar on the improvements of the Nightingale Metabolomics platform and developments at Nightingale Health
30 January 2020

Health-RI Conference 2020 report

Take a brief look back at the Health-RI Conference 2020 “Towards data driven health”. Where leading experts highlighted how data is helping us to remain...
15 January 2020

ELSI servicedesk workshops: Responsible use of body material and data

Workshops on responsible use of residual tissue and data (in Dutch)