28 June 2018

Million European Genomes alliance: The Netherlands should join

In April 2018, thirteen European countries signed a declaration of cooperation ‘towards access to at least one million sequenced genomes in the European Union...
18 June 2018

How can researchers deal with incidental findings? Guidance document gives practical tools

Incidental findings are a major ethical concern in biomedical research. Consistent policies and practices for the detection, management and communication of...
18 June 2018

Roadshow PALGA Portal in full swing!

The PALGA Portal, the one-stop-shop to request pathology data and material from diagnostic pathology laboratories, is up and running for two years now.
04 June 2018

KNAW advisory report on big data in research involving personal data

The BBMRI-NL network can help researchers in the health domain to conduct their research successfully and at full speed. In its advisory report on Big Data in...
09 May 2018

BBMRI voucher results in practical research tool for high school students and teachers

With the online program ‘Smart steps in your Own Research’, high school seniors will be better prepared for their profile assignments and final exams.
01 May 2018

Researchers should not fear the upcoming general data protection regulation

In an interview with Onderzoek Nederland, Lex Bouter (Professor of Methodology and Integrity, VU and VUmc, and chair of COREON, the commission on Research...
12 April 2018

Major investments in Netherlands X-Omics initiative

Integrating quantitative data from different pools of biological molecules (omics) is key to developing novel personalized health solutions.
08 March 2018

Lifestyle linked epigenetic differences found between higher and lower educated Dutch people

There are differences in DNA-methylation patterns on genes between higher and lower educated Dutch people that may be linked to lifestyle.
22 January 2018

Health-RI, Coreon, BBMRI-NL, PSI and NFU have recently submitted their comments on the article 29

Health-RI, Coreon, BBMRI-NL, PSI and NFU have recently submitted their comments on the article 29 working party guidelines on consent under regulation 2016/679...
17 November 2017

Workshop on translational research infrastructure hosted on HPC cloud

At the BioMedBridges symposium ‘Open bridges for life science data’, which was held on 17 and 18 November in Hinxton, UK, a workshop was organised on...
01 November 2017

Improving the legal framework for Dutch Human Tissue research

Research using human tissue specimens greatly contributes to a healthy and innovative research environment and optimal care for Dutch citizens.
01 November 2017

Cisca Wijmenga krijgt eervolle leerstoel

Het College van Bestuur van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen heeft Cisca Wijmenga benoemd als hoogleraar op de Lodewijk Sandkuijl Leerstoel. De universiteit...