OpenClinica is a Health-RI/BBMRI-NL managed tool that allows sponsors (or their delegates) to design and manage study-specific electronic case report forms (CRFs) to capture clinical study data. These CRFs are paper or electronic questionnaires specifically designed for clinical trial research. OpenClinica CRFs can be completed for all participating subjects and can be reached from various locations in the world, allowing OpenClinica to be used for multi-center studies.

Why OpenClinica?

  • You will not be alone or the first; over 400 studies have preceded you
  • We have set-up standardized CRFs for you to be used as starting point (see here)
  • It is free of charge, at least until end of 2019 (a fair-use policy applies, see also Pricing Model)
  • It is web-based so you can access/use it any place, anywhere, anytime
  • Secure deployment by professional hosting party
  • High quality user support via TraIT servicedesk
  • Study/Principal Investigator (PI) are the only controller of the data
  • Links to other data storage like imaging (e.g. XNAT) and analysis tools, 
  • allowing researchers to integrate and analyze case report data, imaging data, experimental data and bio banking information.

Using OpenClinica

BBMRI-NL supports a central OpenClinica service for multi-center biomedical studies. Requesting access and getting started is mostly organized through the Service desk:

  • Access to OpenClinica can be requested through the Service desk
  • More information about OpenClinica (like getting an account, starting a study, training) can be found here.
  • The tool OpenClinica can be accessed by clicking here.
  • There is a Frequently Asked Questions page about OpenClinica.