Podium – Request Portal

What is Podium?
Podium is an online one-stop-shop to request samples, images and data from multiple national health registries, health databases, image archives and biobanks.

Why was Podium developed?
To facilitate access for researchers to bio-material, clinical images and health data and to allow linkage of data, samples and/or images on subject-level across different biobanks and registries. With the portal researchers will have a single online entry point to request what they need for their research. This will ease and stimulate efficient, optimal and shared use of the available resources within the Netherlands.

For who was Podium developed?

  • Researchers: in need of health data, samples and/or images.
  • Biobanks/organizations: in need of a tool to manage their own ‘in house’ requests as well as linked requests.
  • National Health Registries: in need of a tool to manage their own ‘in house’ requests as well as linked requests.


What is the status of Podium?
The beta version of Podium was launched in December 2017, including the following organizations: PALGA, PHARMO, BIOS, GoNL and Parelsnoer Institute. Podium is continuously enriched with more registries, biobanks, image archives, cohorts and data. Is your organization not yet part of Podium, please contact the TraIT Health-RI Service desk, to get your organization added to Podium.

How to start using Podium?
Biobanks and registries willing to partake in Podium can request an account via the TraIT Health-RI Service desk. Researchers in search of samples, data and/or images can search the BBMRI Catalogue and send their query via Podium to the biobanks and registries. To be able to use Podium you need to create an account at your first visit.

For support contact the TraIT Health-RI Service desk.

History and ownership of Podium
Podium was developed within WP4 and WP5 of BBMRI in collaboration with The Hyve (Podium is open source, license information can be found here). It is now maintained and serviced by the TraIT Health-RI Service desk.

For more information on Podium contact:

Podium project leader: Erik van Iperen, e.p.vaniperen@amc.uva.nl
BBMRI-NL WP4 leader: Folkert van Kemenade, f.vankemenade@erasmusmc.nl
BBMRI-NL WP4 project manager: Tieneke Schaaij-Visser, tieneke.schaaij-visser@lygature.org