The BBMRI-NL biobank catalogue is a searchable database, containing information on several Dutch bio- and databanks. To date, there are over 200 bio- and data collections listed. Researchers can use the catalogue to search collections on specific disease types, Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) data, types of biomaterials, and many other variables. Furthermore, the contact details for each biobank coordinator and information about conditions for the request and use of the data and materials are available.

What is BBMRI-NL’s Catalogue? 

The BBMRI-NL catalogue gives researchers an overview of a large set of sample collections, data collections, studies and biobanks in the Netherlands. All data and samples are available to order for further research. The BBMRI-NL catalogue can help researchers in the identification of possible data and samples that could be included in their research, depending on basic characteristics such as sex, age and type of disease.

The catalogue is also the source for the Dutch biobank collections in the BBMRI-ERIC biobank directory.

Why BBMRI-NL’s Catalogue?

The catalogue is a tool that will help you:

  • Get an overview of most Dutch bio- and data banks
  • Find collections that share certain characteristics, like the presence of certain biomaterials, the involvement of one or more institutes / researchers, the focus on a specific (type of) disorder, etc.
  • Assess the data in an aggregated form to get an overview of how many collections share the same characteristics.

Intended users

The BBMRI-NL catalogue is meant for researchers in search of specific data or samples possibly collected by others. Moreover, it also gives the opportunity for gathering large datasets and conducting individual-participant data meta-analyses.

Status of BBMRI-NL’s Catalogue

The catalogue is the first entry point for researchers to get an overview of the biobank and data collections associated with BBMRI-NL. It is an actively maintained database (i.e. it is constantly being updated).

Using BBMRI-NL’s Catalogue

If you are a researcher looking for data and/or associated materials, please visit the catalogue website.

If you are a samples or data collection coordinator and would like to add your collections to the BBMRI-NL Catalogue, please contact the Service Desk. A “data integration manual” will be sent on request for inclusion in the catalogue.

The catalogue is an easy to use website for which no specific training material is available.

A search in the BBMRI-NL Catalogue can be performed in two ways:

  1.  By simply typing a keyword in the search field (e.g. DNA or Longitudinal)
  2.  Through the wizard you can search on all the fields used to describe collections. The wizard allows to build complex searches with multiple search conditions.

The details of the contact person of an organization can be found by selecting “Organizational structure” under “Data item selection”, and then by clicking the name of the contact person in the “Contact person” column. To facilitate the process of requesting data and samples, BBMRI-NL 2.0 is working on a sample request procedure: the Request Portal Podium that will soon be available

Support for BBMRI-NL’s Catalogue

If you are a coordinator and would like to add your collection to the BBMRI-NL Catalogue, please contact the Service Desk.

Download the BBMRI-Catalogus form.

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